Welcome to Forget me not Sugar Art

Hello, I am  Silvina Martinez, a passionate designer of vegan cakes, founder of Forget me not Sugar Art.

I am located in Cheltenham as the Cultural Centre for the Cotswolds.

The idea of creating my company was in the first place by passion and then I began to grow professionally and transferred that passion to what is now my company Forget me not Sugar Art.

My company was born in 2017 with products of animal origin and this year 2019 before it ends I want to announce that Forget me not Sugar Art became a totally vegan bakery with some of its organic ingredients and something very important that are free of palm oil.

Maybe you are wondering why this radical change of my company?

Many years ago I have atopic dermatitis, I get rashes on my body and experience an unbearable itching, so I thought that there could be foods that were producing that in my body and I began to experience removing dairy and looking for replacements and the truth is that I have noticed the improvement in my body.

Research and experiment with recipes and create and design authentic vegan art with ingredients of plant origin and palm oil free which is present in almost all the products we consume daily.

Palm oil is considered the most used worldwide and is present in processed products such as bakery and industrial bakery, perhaps you do not know that it is bad for health and the cause of destruction and deforestation of rainforests due to its growing demand.

On my website, you will find authentic art and if you go to the gallery and services you can see it.
My goal is to surprise you on your special day where you choose flowers and colors and I transform them into edible art.

I have been surprising people for several years with my cakes, cupcakes & cookies, and now I want to surprise you because you are reading this information and because I am sure you will not regret this wonderful experience.

I don't want to sell you a simple cake, I want to sell you the illusion, the surprise and the intrigue of not knowing how your cake will be.