About me

My name is Silvina Martinez, founder of Forget me not Sugar Art. My company was born two years ago, however, I have been designing cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and macarons several years ago.
I feel very excited to show you my totally vegan and palm oil-free products.
My decision to introduce my products to the vegan world was partly due to the understanding of people who really suffer from eating products of animal origin, knowing that today they can be replaced by-products of plant origin obtaining the same results.
I have to confess that it was not easy for me to make this decision because all my cakes have buttercream and handmade flowers with this cream and I found it impossible to achieve a similar consistency than with products of animal origin and today I dare to say that I managed to do it and that in addition to 100% vegans are free of palm oil. Palm oil is present in almost all the products we consume and that is not only insane for the body but is also driving the destruction and deforestation of large-scale rainforests in places like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The story of Forget me not Sugar Art

My company is dedicated to vegan edible art, free of palm oil and where all my products are of high quality, being some of them organic.
What I really want you to know is that my products are not just any product, I offer you
Vegan products
Palm oil-free
Custom art
And the exciting thing about my products, tell me what flower and what color you like and I will surprise you with my art, you just have to trust me and let yourself be surprised, it is an experience you will not forget and it will be only and exclusively for you.