My Company

Why Forget me not Sugar Art?

I have been looking for a name that was part of my life and my values. I love flowers because they are life, growth, development, freshness, beauty, and delicacy and from all of this appeared the flower forget-me-not.

My brand is a fusion between a beautiful flower with great meaning and the sentimental part that I don't want you to forget about me.

Regarding the values that I want to transmit with my brand are

Gratitude, Respect, Humility, kindness, and Honesty.

Forget-me-not is a flower that represents sincerity and love, which when given as a gift takes on a meaning of fidelity... Legend has it that a young man willing to do anything for the love of his beloved jumped into the water without thinking and picked up the flower.

That's how to Forget me not Sugar Art was born.

My brand specializes in hand-painted vegan cookies with watercolor flowers. Each flower has a secret besides its beauty and I love to share with you what I learned about them.

Another characteristic of my brand is that I want to inspire you with beautiful phrases written on cookies and that you adopt happiness as a philosophy of life.

I am specializing in the International Wedding Academy to provide a styling and design service with flower arrangements.