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About me

My name is Silvina Martinez, founder of Forget me not Sugar Art. I am a cake designer and I have a passion for flowers, I consider them my personal signature since they are present in all my creations.

My company was born in 2017 with ingredients of animal origin and now in 2019, I welcome you to my amazing vegan ingredients and palm oil free with which I have achieved the same consistencies and delicious flavors as with the ingredients of animal origin, which makes me really happy.

My decision to make vegan cakes was when I realized that I obtained better results by replacing some ingredients such as egg and butter, obtaining delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, royal icing, buttercream, and meringue, soft, bright, creamy and with incredible consistencies.

Another characteristic of Forget me not Sugar Art is that I work without palm oil in my cakes.

Palm oil is used in almost all the products we consume daily and that are bad for our health and it is also destroying the environment in the tropics area where the large areas of virgin forests are today in danger of extinction due to the fires caused to plant palm oil.


Do you agree with me? If Yes, continue reading...

Forget me not Sugar Art is dedicated to vegan edible art, free of palm oil and where all my products are of high quality, being some of them organic.

Why choose my service?

I am concerned about your health and the environment and that is why I offer you my delicious palm oil-free and totally vegan products where art and beauty will not go unnoticed.
My decorations are handmade with authentic vegan buttercream and made just for you, where you choose the flower and I put my art.

What can I do for you?

I can design amazing cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with beautiful handmade flowers with totally vegan ingredients and some of them organic.

The design will be exclusive for you with the flower or flowers you choose as they are my personal signature.

You don't have to worry about what you want, you just have to tell me your favorite flower and color and I will create art for you and surprise you on your special day creating a magical experience.