What is aquafaba and what is it for?

One of the biggest problems in vegan baking was finding an egg substitute that would fit recipes and have a similar consistency.

It was then when the American Goose Wohlt discovered that chickpea water fulfilled the same function of the egg and then decided to baptize it as aquafaba, aqua ( water ) faba ( chickpea ).

How long do decorated cookies last?

The cookies in their bags stay perfect for up to two weeks and taste delicious, after this time their flavor may change but their appearance will remain perfect for almost 3 months, making it an excellent choice for wedding gifts.


Do you have any sugar-free products?

At this time I don't have any sugar-free cookies.

Do your products contain nuts?

My decorated cookies do not contain nuts.

Do you have nutritional information?

I have always baked and decorated from scratch, with the best fresh and fine ingredients such as organic caster sugar, brown sugar, flour, organic vegan butter, aquafaba, vegan chocolate, vanilla bean, Palm oil-free, orange, lemon, cinnamon.

Do you make custom cookies?

All my cookies are painted with flowers and can be personalized with dedications, names, or with my inspirational phrases.