What's the difference between a good cupcake and a shabby cupcake?

The same as in any other product: that the ingredients are of good quality and that time and love has been dedicated to the preparation. The good cupcake should be juicy and not be parched, and the coverage should give the creamy touch just right. "The secret is to taste them practically fresh." It also points to creativity as an important element: both the taste and the appearance of the cupcake should surprise.

How long does a cake last in the fridge?

My cakes being 100% vegan can be kept for 3 days in a cool place or in the fridge but I always recommend eating them as much the next day to enjoy a fresh product.

I bake without preservatives, I suggest you enjoy your cake the day of your purchase or the next day.

It is important to take the cake out of the fridge a few minutes before serving to return it to its spongy state, the time will depend on the climate you have in your city.

Do you have any sugar-free products?

At this time I don't have any sugar-free cakes.

Do your products contain nuts?

Some of my products contain walnut, pistachio, almond and I do share baking equipment amongst all products.

Do you have nutritional information?

I have always baked and decorated from scratch, with the best fresh and fine ingredients such as organic caster sugar, brown sugar, flour, organic vegan butter, egg replacer, vegan chocolate, vanilla bean, Palm oil-free. 

Do you do custom cupcakes or cake design?

All my cakes, cupcakes and cookies are personalized for each client, always starting from the base that all my products are decorated with vegan buttercream flowers.

just remember you choose the flower and I put my art to surprise you.