Vegan Cookie with handpainted flowers


Services & Prices

As I said before all my cakes are exclusive and designed just for you and surely right now you are desperately looking for the prices because you want an exclusive cake for you ... I am wrong?


Do you care more about a price or a feeling?

If you care more about a feeling you can continue reading because what I really intend is that you feel special and I will do everything to make it.
I don't want to sell you a cake, I want to sell you a feeling, I want to surprise you, I want you to feel special and that the people around you feel the same as you.


Guidance feelings/guidance prices

To orient you a bit I will give you some feeling/price options so you can decide whether or not you are interested in my service and if you decide to continue I guarantee you a wonderful experience where you choose the flowers and I give you my art.



Delicious vegan and palm oil-free cakes with different fillings and decorated with 100% vegan buttercream and handmade flowers.

The feeling/price starts from £ 176 in design for around 30 people.



All my cupcakes are decorated and designed in arrangements as if they were a real bouquet of fresh flowers, so you can receive an authentic bouquet of flowers that you can enjoy eating.

The feeling/price starts from £ 79 for a beautiful bouquet of 12 authentic vegan buttercream flowers and palm oil-free.



Delicious vegan cookies decorated with vegan royal icing and palm oil-free, where you can find from hand painting, brush embroidery, crochet, handmade flowers, with personalized messages, among many others.

The feeling/price starts from

Luxury vegan art cookie 6"  £25

For a set of decorated cookies or quantities for weddings or events, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you. I have smaller sizes available in case of quantities.

Each decorated cookie will be packaged with a beautiful decoration.



Wedding & Event Floral Designer

Decoration and design of your sweet table
Design and style of the tables with beautiful centerpieces of fresh flowers, table linen, decorated chairs and much more where the magic would be completed.


Sponge Cake

Extra dark chocolate Vegan Sponge

Chocolate toasted coconut Vegan Sponge

Chocolate walnut Vegan Sponge

Chocolate espresso almond Vegan Sponge

Chocolate Orange Vegan Sponge


Perfect white Vegan vanilla sponge

Perfect white Vegan lemon & vanilla sponge

Perfect white Vegan cinnamon sponge

Perfect white Vegan orange & vanilla sponge


 Delicious Fillings

Vegan Buttercream with citrus & vanilla bean.

Vegan Buttercream with toasted Coconut 

 Vegan Buttercream with cinnamon & almond. 

Vegan Chocolate Buttercream with hazelnut & orange.

Vegan Buttercream with raspberry.

Vegan Buttercream with mango.












In all my creations I ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% to guarantee your booking.

Do not hesitate to contact me to meet us and have a chat and be able to take your desire to a next level, remember that the most important thing for me is you and what you feel when reading and seeing what I do, I do not intend to please everyone, I just want to please you and surprise you.

You can contact me via email, via telephone, by filling out the application, and you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google.



Orders must be made one week in advance for small orders, depending on the quantity or size of the order will be between two weeks and three, since all my products are made fresh and I do not sell anything frozen.



We deliver at home with a small charge depending on the distance.