The meaning of flowers and what their colors hide.

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Today I want to share information about flowers, which you know is my great passion and I love them because I can make Vegan art cookies with handpainted watercolor flowers.


  Did you know that each flower has a different meaning? In case you did not know, here I share some beautiful flowers with their meanings and colors because I do not know if you know but in the world, there are 8.7 million species of flowers, of which 6.5 million are terrestrial and 2, 2 million are aquatic.

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The orchid, with the exotic sensuality of its forms, evokes the idea of female fertility. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It is composed of a wide family of species, with varied shapes and colors.The white orchid symbolizes purity.

The red orchid symbolizes intense desire.

The violet orchid symbolizes wisdom and prudence.

The blue orchid symbolizes peace and harmony.

The pink orchid symbolizes love and affection.

The yellow orchid symbolizes eroticism.
The rose is one of the most beautiful and sensual flowers. Its elegance and the curved or broken shapes of its petals have made it one of the most popular gifts to express our feeling to another person.
Yellow roses symbolize the joy of living, optimism, and energy, so they are the perfect gift for a decayed friend and also to celebrate the joy of friendship.

Red roses are reserved for the couple or person who occupies our hearts. In addition to love, they represent passion and are a classic gift of Valentine's Day as they symbolize love and passion
.White roses symbolize innocence, charm, and purity. For this reason, in almost all weddings white roses are the stars of the ceremony. It also represents loyalty between the couple, pure, sincere, happy and eternal love in the couple.
The poppy symbolizes beauty, sensuality, fragility, passion, and delicacy.
The Greeks link this flower of red petals with the God of the dream known as Gipnos.The red poppy symbolizes pure selfishness.The orange poppy symbolizes joy and happiness.

The yellow poppy symbolizes fertility.

The sunflower is the symbol of the sun.
Yellow sunflowers symbolize vitality, energy, positivism, and joy.White sunflowers symbolize pure love and hope.Pink sunflowers symbolize cordiality, sympathy, kindness, and the absence of bad faith.

Forget- me- not It is such a small flower but with wonderful beauty.This flower symbolizes friendship and eternal love and its most characteristic color are sky blue but you can also find them in white and pink.This beautiful flower hides beautiful stories of love, overcoming adversity and that when you want you can.

The cherry blossom represents femininity, delicacy, fertility, spring, youth, and innocence and also hope, power, sweetness, feminine beauty and love.
The cherry blossom is a flower that sprouts ephemerally with the beginning of spring. Its beauty is simple and delicate, like its colors, ranging from white to pale pink.
Due to the brevity of its flowering, it symbolizes the transitory nature of life.
The lotus flower is an elegant aquatic plant, of grace and singular beauty. It arises in the muddy water, in search of light and elevation. Hence, in the East, it is associated with spiritual purity, which emerges from the carnal, that is, from the earthly, to rise
The lily symbolizes honor and powerWhite Lilies: purity, tender heart, innocence, and trust.Yellow lilies: happiness in love, gratitude, and joy.

Red Lilies: burning and passionate love.

Orange Lilies: contempt and little respect.

Blue Lilies: good news and a successful future.

Violet Lilies: seduction and sensitivity

Tulips mean different things depending on the color of their petals
In the Victorian era, it was very fashionable to give Tulips to indicate a message of love and appreciation of the beauty to whom he received them, but each color kept a secretRed tulips express incomparable beauty, devotion, mourning, and eternal love.Pink tulips are usually the most beautiful and delicate. Its meaning in the language of flowers is that of unconditional or family love. Express fraternal, paternal and maternal love.

Yellow tulips mean joy and happiness, they are also given to indicate good humor, harmony, and fun.

The purple tulip became part of the treasure of royal families in Europe. That is why it usually means opulence, elegance and wealth.

The water lily is an aquatic plant of great beauty. It appears in lakes and swamps. It is characterized by blooming at night and closing in the morning. Although it is similar to the lotus (in fact, it is also known as the Egyptian lotus), the water lily is a different species.For the Egyptians, it had a spiritual meaning and was used in ceremonies. Today it can symbolize purity of heart, but also coldness and indifference.
Daisies represent innocence, joy, and purity; and they are a symbol of the beginning of something.White daisies symbolize beauty

Yellow daisies symbolize loyalty

Pink daisies symbolize love

Red daisies symbolize the passion

Bluish Daisies symbolize Fidelity

Multicolored daisies symbolize the joy of living
One of the meanings of the magnolia is the nobility, it was a tradition of the Chinese emperor to give a flower of magnolia to the esteemed person and was considered a symbol of respect. In ancient China, it is identified with femininity, sweetness, and love for nature.White magnolia is related to love, sympathy, exotic and splendid beauty, which is why it is quite common in bridal arrangements.Yellow magnolias have a mysterious meaning, but they are also associated with youth and vitality.

Pink magnolias are associated with love and delicacy.

The carnation symbolizes pride, fascination, and beauty.
It is related to love and feelings and is considered the flower of love or the flower of the gods
.The white carnation symbolizes purity, innocence, honesty, pure and sincere love.The red carnation symbolizes love, appreciation, admiration, and pride.

The pink carnation symbolizes deep and unconditional love, like the one a mother feels for example towards her children.

The violet carnation symbolizes whim and craving.

The yellow carnation symbolizes disappointment, rejection and can even symbolize contempt and offense.

The striped carnation conveys negativity.

Dahlia represents impulsivity and passion. The young people delivered these flowers to indicate that they were in search of a love affair, infidelity, or asking to be carried away by passion.
For that same reason, some consider the dahlia flower as the betrayal flower.
But it can also be a subtle way of asking someone to change their way of life, to dare to take a trip or to know something.
White dahlia symbolizes seduction and means that if someone intends to seduce you until you fall into the trap and you have little chance of resisting.Red Dahlias meanwhile devote passion, not intended to be something temporary but an invitation to live an exciting life experience an adventure of eternal love and passion.

The pink dahlia is an invitation to grow personally, learn new things, visit new places or ask for a change of opinion.

The blue Dahlia is the flower left by the husbands cheated on their wives to make them understand that they already knew about their betrayal or vice versa.

Yellow dahlias instead represent fidelity, it is an implicit promise of loyal and eternal love. They are usually given by husbands who are sorry for their betrayal.

Orange dahlia usually represents happiness and joy. In this case, it is the joy of asking for the hand of a woman in marriage.

The purple dahlia is a flower left by young women to their parents as a way of thanks for everything they have done for her, hoping they will forgive her for having left home, whether to marry, travel the world or undertake any adventure without your permission

Hydrangea has a good and positive meaning and symbolizes all the emotions felt, so when you give this flower what you are expressing is gratitude, beauty, and abundance.
As for the negative part, this flower has attributed to the meaning of "lack of heart" and frigidity.
And there is also the "popular" idea of someone who has been raised in a house with hydrangeas, she will never find a partner and will always be single; and if you take hydrangeas to your house while being happily married, say goodbye to that happiness and tranquility because there will be nothing more than fighting with the couple.
Pink hydrangea symbolizes love and romanticism.The blue hydrangea Related to frigidity, with it you want to say "no thanks" to a relationship
They are also used to apologize.

White hydrangea symbolizes purity, abundance, and grace.

Purple hydrangea symbolizes wealth and abundance.

Chrysanthemum in Japan symbolizes Power, Longevity, Balance, and Happiness.
In China, it symbolizes humility, austerity, altruism, longevity, and wisdom.
In Greece, the chrysanthemum is considered the golden flower.The yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes the sun, wealth, generosity and happiness.The white chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity and good health.

Purple chrysanthemum is associated with funeral arrangements and offerings in graves, it is said that they have the power to create a link between people in the hereafter and those who stayed in the realm of the living.

Pink Chrysanthemum represents the end of a passing love relationship. They can be presented to end the relationship affectionately, indicating that despite the separation, good times will remain in memory.

Orange or red chrysanthemum symbolize delicate or gallant love.

Blue chrysanthemum represents that a person begins to feel cold in their love relationship.

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