Welcome to Forget me not Sugar Art

Hello, I am  Silvina Martinez, a passionate designer of vegan cookies, founder of Forget me not Sugar Art.

I am located in Cheltenham as the Cultural Centre for the Cotswolds.

The idea of creating my company was in the first place by passion and then I began to grow professionally and transferred that passion to what is now my company Forget me not Sugar Art.

My company was born in 2017 with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies designed and decorated with handmade flowers.

In 2019 I decided to turn my brand around and make my products 100% vegan, I have tried and experimented with vegan ingredients and I got my own recipes as a personal signature with excellent results.

Currently, I decided to choose one of my products to represents my brand and I opted for my delicate, elegant, glamorous, and beautiful hand-painted cookies with watercolor flowers.


Why did I choose cookies?

I choose them because I can write inspiring messages from great writers and visionaries who changed my life and I would like those messages to reach your soul and that you adopt happiness as a philosophy of life. Another reason why I chose to make cookies is that I can paint flowers on them, which is my great passion.

On my website, you will find authentic vegan art and if you go to the gallery and services you can see it.