My Philosophy

What I really love is making people happy on their special day and seeing their faces of amazement when they see their cake.
I dedicate myself especially to the art of buttercream icing, which requires a lot of practice and dedication and its different techniques are beautiful and inspiring since I can turn a beautiful flower from a garden and make it edible.
My great inspiration is the flowers, their colours and textures, I always put all my passion so that each cake, cupcake or cookie is unique and special.
Flowers can vary between Sunflower, Rose, Daisy, Gerber Daisy, Lily of the valley, Lotus, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Magnolia, Dahlia, Forget-me-not, Poinsettia, Hydrangea, Lavander, Cactus...

My Story

Since I was a child in Argentina, I helped my mother make sweets, like our famous Argentine alfajores with dulce de leche, which are delicious and enjoyed making them, but did not even feel a great passion, it was just an entertainment.
What I always enjoyed doing was to help others feel happy, I listened to everyone who had a problem and always looked for ways to help me be happy, giving advice, listening and helping in what I could and study educational psychology in Argentina and at the end of the race I moved to the Canary Islands with my family, there lived 10 years and in the last two years I started making Argentine pastry and my first cupcakes, I began to do experiments and everything that was always delicious, then began to offer friends but it was not easy to live without a local, I frustrated a little and leave, until my husband and I made the decision to come to Cheltenham.

We came to Cheltenham 6 years ago and in this place I discovered my true passion for decoration, 5 years ago I did my first Creative Decorating Course and I realized that I loved doing it and since then I do not stop practising and practising, and doing different courses with great decorators, making cakes for parties of friends, and everyone told me why I did not dedicate myself to this, that it was my passion and everyone was surprised to see my cakes and that inspired me more and more to devote myself to what I really love.

That's how my company Forget me not Sugar Art was born in 2017, specializing in amazing cakes with beautiful buttercream flowers with different techniques, textures and colours.


Meet my team




Silvina Martinez

Artist and Cake designer 

I am the founder of the company Forget me not Sugar Art, artist and designer of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for weddings and events with wonderful handmade buttercream flowers.


Jesus Padillo


Jesus  is the administrative of the company and also my husband, together we have created this sweet company Forget me not Sugar Art.


Go Electro Green


Luciano Montoya is a founder of Go Electro Green and is an excellent programmer and web designer and is in charge of the technology of my company.